Eat well. Travel often.

'Good friends, good books, a sleepy conscience. That is the ideal life'


Good things about autumn:

the leaves change colour
cloudy skies
big sweaters
cinnamon scented candles
log fires
crunchy leaves

literally everything

“'Do you believe in God Arthur?' I said, eating the last piece of sponge.
‘Do I believe in an old man in the clouds with a white beard judging us mortals with a moral code from one to ten? Good Lord no, my sweet Elly, I do not! I would have been cast out from this life years ago with my tatty history. Do I believe in a mystery; the unexplained phenomenon that is life itself? The greater something that illuminates inconsequence in our lives; that gives us something to strive for as well as the humility to brush ourselves and start all over again? Then yes, I do. It is the source of art, of beauty, of love, and proffers the ultimate goodness to mankind. That to me is God. That to me is life. That is what I believe in.’”

—   When God was a Rabbit
Exeter Afternoon


Summer 2012 with @srstracey

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Effort is only: A time without technology...



Everybody seems to be talking about it. Even the techies. The new trend in the digital world is to heed to the advice that every now and again (god forbid more than a few days) it is healthy for the head and soul to have a ‘tech detox’.

Switch off.

I know. I thought - is…

A few from Perigueux. The most interesting thing I learnt; a well travelled, Mexican school assistant and I were chatting, she said she loved the English, but that they were defined by glorifying mediocrity.


45°11′34″N 0°43′18″E 

Périgueux, Dordogne, Aquitaine

Beautiful, remote Perigueux is unspoilt French culture at it best, with history that predates most other European cities. The town tries, and achieves, in maintaining its small town feel, and has several country events held throughout the summer, all of which involve food.

When visiting in March, the weather was the crisp, sunny Spring that was perfect for exploring; wondering around the marche, coffee on the street, and picnics by the river. Don’t be put off by the quiet of the town. Explore, and ask around, you’ll find traditional (and very informal) wine bars showcasing some of the best wine in the region; sit and listen to local French gossip whilst enjoying a glass.

The region surrounding Perigueux includes some of the most spectacular rolling hills and stone cliffs you will ever see. Dordogne is known worldwide for the size and quality of the fruit it produces, whilst the surrounding wetlands are perfect for duck-hunting. Perigueux produces the world famous Fois-gras, a fatty goose live pate, and of course truffles originate from Aquitaine. 

Perrigeux railway station offers connections to Limoge, Bordeaux, and Brive-la-Gaillarde, alonside other regional destinations.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the one who don’t.

And believe that everything happens for a reason

If you get a chance - take it;

If it changes your life - let it.

Nobody said that it would be easy…

They just promised it would be worth it.

Lost in Cheeseland

hand me a piña colada

Summer 2012

Let summer 2012 begin